Hello! We are private breeders since 2002.

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We are private breeders from the Czech Republic since 2002. We specialize in rare and unique Leopard gecko morphs. We are working with many various morphs and their combinations like White & Yellow, SOLAR Eclipse, Enigmas, Tangerines of various lines (The Urban Gecko, Electric and our own Tangerine line), Sunglow, RAPTOR, Firewater, Typhoon, Cyclone, Ember, Diablo Blanco and many more. In all these morphs we are working with two Albino lines – Tremper and Rainwater.

From 2010 we are also Ball python breeders. In our growing collection we are working with Banana, Spied, Piebalds, Pastel Clown, Super Pastel Genetic Stripe, Pastave, Lemon Blast, Spinner Blasts, Emperor Pin, Bumble Bee, Pastel, Mojave, Lesser, Spider and many more.

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We prefer quality over quantity!

Our collection of reptiles is produced and kept in a very clean environment. Our top priority is to maintain all of our reptiles in the healthiest conditions. We prefer quality over quantity and our goal is to offer the finest quality geckos and ball pythons for great prices.

Various reptile shows

During the year we are atteding various reptile shows all over the Europe including every Terraristika Hamm, Terraria Houten, Exotica (St. Poelten and Wien), Reptiles Days in Longarone, Verona Reptiles . . . more info here

Worldwide shipping

We are also able to ship all of our reptiles WORLDWIDE and we have a weekly UK courier run.